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Vintage Jewelry

Since Eagle Plume's has been around since 1917, we are fortunate to see great, old pieces "recycled" by families that have

shopped with us for many generations.  As Charles Eagle Plume loved old southwestern jewelry, so do we.  If you have something

in mind, please let us know and we can keep our eyes peeled for you.  Or, if you would like us to email you photos of more items

than are listed here, please email or call.



Zuni Row Bracelet, c. 1940

1.5" wide, 1.25" gap, 4.75" interior

Lovely and delicate 6 row turquoise cuff with stampwork on either end.



Inlaid Zia Bird Pin, c. 1940

A sweet little overlay and inlay pin in the form of the bird often seen on Zia Pueblo ceramics.  About 1" in size.




Santo Domingo Inlaid Shell Box

From the collection of a friend, this box sits on three small silver fluted balls and is set with a classic Santo Domingan inlaid shell.  About 4" in diameter.


Silver and Turquoise Navajo Ketoh, c. 1945

2.5" x 3.5" on leather band

Originally from Eagle Plume's pawn drawer, this piece was owned for many years by a former saleslady of Charles' - featuring overlay, rustic stampwork and sky blue turquoise.



Pictorial Ketoh with Royston Turquoise

3" x 4" on leather band

With four roughly worked repousse panels and a pair of funky steer heads, this ketoh is set with a beautiful Royston turquoise stone.




Sandcast Cuff with Five Turquoise Sets

2" wide, 5.25" interior, 1"+ gap

A lovely example of Navajo sandcast style set with five turquoise cabochons.




Large Turquoise Cuff by Johnson Todacheeny

3.25" height, 5.75" interior, 1.25" gap

Johnson Todacheeny spent time smithing at the White Hogan and this piece recalls the heyday of that famous shop, set with a massive blue turquoise stone.


Repousse Cuff, c. 1940

.5"+ width, 5" interior, 1"- gap

Produced for tourist trade in the 1940s, this sweet little bracelet is marked "Sanford" and "Sancrest" on the interior.



Railroad Cuff set with Turquoise

1.25" wide, 5.5" interior, 1"

Made for tourist trade, often sold in gas stations in the southwest, this type of bracelet was made daintly to fit the likes of non-native tourists.  Elegant with openwork and elongated stone.



Stormy Bisbee Cuff

1.25" wide, 5.25" interior, 1"+ gap

Set with five fantastic Stormy Bisbee stones, this cuff is made in typical 1970s contemporary style, and it feels great on the wrist.



Zuni Needlepoint Pin with Filipino 50 Centavos Coin

2" diameter

Set with a 1903 50 Centavos coin, dating to when the Philipines were a colony of the U.S., surrounded by fine turquoise needlepoint work.



Cerrillos & Twisted Cuff by Lee Yazzie

a great example of Yazzie's earlier works, this piece was orignally purchased by a gal that worked for Charles in the 1970s.  It still has our inventory markings on the back.

please inquire

Silver Cuff set with Godber Turquoise

5.5" interior, 1" gap, 1"  wide



Wide Overlay Cuff by Manuel Hoyungwa, Hopi

Originally purchased from Charles Eagle Plume by one of his former salesgals back in the 1970s

5.25" interior, 1.25" gap, 1.75" wide



Silver Cuff with 7 Persian Turquoise sets by Mark Chee

Originally purchased from Charles Eagle Plume by one of his former salesgals back in the 1970s

5" interior, 1 1/8" gap, 5/8" wide




Ingot Silver Buckle with 9 Conchos, c. 1925

Buckle 3.5" x 2.75", conchos 1" x 1.75"



Natural #8 Turquoise Pendant

Joe Dan Lowry at the Turquoise Museum verified this as #8 recently.

368 carats

2.5" x 2" x .75"




14k Gold Inlaid Band by Charles Loloma

size 6.75





Repousse Cuff, Stamped & Set with Oval Spiderweb Stone

1 1/8" wide, 5 1/2" interior, 1 1/2" gap



Pair of Matching Cuffs set with Morenci Nuggets

1" wide, 5 1/2" interior, 1 3/8" gap




Cracked Turquoise Cuff with Stampwork

1 1/4" wide, 5 3/4" interior, 1 1/2" gap




Petite Squash Blossom Necklace with Hand Punched Beads

21" length


Old Zuni Needlepoint Brooch

3" wide



Needlepoint Ring by Valentino & Matilda Banteah, Zuni

size 8.25




Sandcast Cuff, c. 1960

1.75" wide, 5.5" interior, 1.75" gap





Vintage Cuff Bracelet set with #8 Turquoise Stones, c. 1945

1" wide, 5.75" interior



Inlaid Zuni Pin, c. 1950

3.75" length





Extra Large Cuff Watchband by Alice Quam, Zuni

set with 6 carved Morenci Turquoise stones, 9.7 oz.

6.75" interior, 2.75" wide, 1.75" gap


Inlaid and Carved Bolo, c. 1940

depicting a man in a headdress, Zuni

2.5" wide




Inlaid Zuni Knifewing Cuff, c. 1945

2" wide, 5.5" interior length, 1" opening


Squash Blossom Earrings with Handpunched Beads, screwback type






3 Strand Gradiated Shell, Stone, & Gold Necklace by Charles Lovato, Santo Domingo

17" long




3 Strand Gradiated Shell, Stone, & Gold Necklace by Charles Lovato, Santo Domingo

25" long



Converted Repousse & Stamped Ketoh Buckle, c. 1935

3.25" w., 2.75" h.





Turquoise Inlaid Ranger Buckle Set, c. 1960

1.75" w., 2" l.





Inlaid & Carved Longhorn Kachina Buckle, c. 1970

2.75" w., 1.5" h.


Coin Silver Ingot Haida Carved Bracelet, c. 1930

6.25" interior circumference, 1" gap, 1" wide




Inlaid Spinner Pendant by Fred & Lolita Natachu, Zuni

2.5" diameter

Inlaid with a Rainbow Man on one side, and a Knifewing figure on the reverse.





Filed Cuff set with Persian Turquoise

1.25" wide, 5.5" interior length, 1.25" opening


Wrapped Three Strand Bird Fetish Necklace, c. 1960

Andrew Emerson Quam, Zuni

30" l., Birds approximately 1.25" l., w/ minor damage to 5



Wrapped Four Strand Clamshell and Turquoise Tab Necklace

c. 1935, w/ pre-modern lapidary cuts and polish to turquoise

30" l.



Heavy Handmade Chain with Stampwork



18" length




Early Zuni Channel Turquoise Earrings, c. 1950

We recently had these converted to wires from screwbacks.

1.25" length without wires


Heavy Stamped Cuff with 5 Coral Sets

c. 1970

Mark Chee, Navajo

sold, thanks!




Zuni Inlaid Owl Earrings, c. 1950

Again, just had these converted from old style screwbacks.

1" length without wires


sold, thanks!



Large Blue Turquoise Ring, c. 1970

2" l., size 7.5


sold, thanks!

Inlaid Turquoise Hoop Earrings, c. 1945

Frank Dishta, Zuni


sold, thanks!

Stormy Mountain Turquoise Ring

1.25" l., size 11.75


sold, thanks!




Insanely Large Turquoise Cluster Squash Blossom with Earrings

Naja 4.5" x 6.5" Overall Length 30"

From the family of a 1970s jewelry dealer, this set epitomizes the height of popularity of Indian Jewelry - big and beautiful!





Early Fetish Necklace, c. 1925

with pre-modern lapidary cuts to shell and turquoise

We are sure if this came from Zuni or Santo Domingo Pueblo originally.  Dayton bought it in the 80s from an estate out of Denver.

29" length


sold, thanks!



Antelope Dancer Inlaid Bolo by Jonathan Beyuka, Zuni

5.75" high, 3" wide

This bolo comes with a stand and can also be worn as a pendant.














































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