Plains Indian Bead and Quill work

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Large Lakota Baby Bonnet 

Beaded in size 13 beads and crystal

Ron Schumacher     Cheyenne River Sioux      $306




Beautiful large bun cover and pick

Northern Cheyenne

5" across 2.12" deep       $172


Beaded Purse


8" x 5"  $ 458


Beaded Turtle with key clasp

Rachel Magpie       Northern Cheyenne

5.5" x 2"         $102


Beaded Awl Case

Ron Schumacher      Cheyenne River Sioux

13"L    5" circumference      $305 



Beaded Key Tassels

Red and Yellow

6.25" L  ( Purple sold)       $60



Beaded Toy Cradle Board

Ron Schumacher    Cheyenne River Sioux

7" wide x 21" L with fringe      $800

 sold, thanks


Beaded white suede pouches

Rachel Magpie   Northern Cheyenne

3" x 6" specify blue, red or dark blue mix     $185 each


Mini Pipe Bag and Pipe

Ron Schumacher   Cheyenne River Sioux

6" x 1.75"     $125


Beaded Belt Buckle


4.5" x 3"    $65   


Beaded Buffalo Barrettes

Northern Cheyenne

4" x 3" specify brown, gold or white        $135



Small Beaded pouches with fold over closure

Rachel Magpie    Northern Cheyenne

4.5" x 2.75"    specify red,blue,white,green, blue or yellow





Beaded Floral Barrettes

Kathy Slaperud   Ojibwa 

4.5"x 3"   specify pastel, coral,turquoise (red sold)   $85 each


Beaded Awl Cases

Ron Schumacher      Cheyenne River Sioux

8" x 2.5"   specify yellow, white or white w cones 

$172 each 


Beaded Barrette with horse hair edging in earth tones

Kathy Slaperud    Ojibwa

4" x 3"  $125 


Porcupine Quilled Items    

Quilled Lakota Turtle Umbilical Fetishes 

Bernice Duncan   Oglala Lakota

Specify Color when ordering    $146 each

Quilled landscape barrette with horsehair edging

Kathy Slaperud    Ojibwa

5" x 3"  



Quilled floral barrette

Kathy Slaperud  Ojibwa 

4.75" x 3.5"    $80



Quilled Earrings

Bernice Duncan   Oglala Lakota

1.5" x1.75"    


Teardop Quilled Earrings

Bernice Duncan   Oglala Lakota

3" x 1"     $65 






(paintings, prints & notecards)



Woodlands floral and leaf beaded moccasins $595 SOLD Shoshone Bannock beaded moccasins    $425
Shoshone beaded moccasins 26cm      $715
Northern Cheyenne beaded moccasins by Racheal Magpie 26cm     $995

Beaded Sioux youth moccasins   

Northern Cheyenne youth moccasins by Rachael Magpie16.5cm     $175


Garments and Hides





Boys Vest and Breaches 

Ron Schumacher       Cheyenne River Sioux

Waist 26"   $1290

Miniature Lakota Buckskin Shirt  

Smoked brain tanned hide   size 13 beads

Ron Schumacher    Cheyenne River Sioux

24" x 20"      $935

Miniature Elk Hide Lakota Hunting Robe 

Smoked brain tanned    Paint, shells, yarn   size 12 beads

Ron Schumacher      Cheyenne River Sioux

27" x 41"       $1156

Beaded Lakota Box and Border Robe

Smoked Brain tanned Elk Hide   size 13 cut beads

Ron Schumacher    Cheyenne River Sioux

30" x 38"          $3236