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With over forty years in the Native arts business, Ann and Dayton have collected some great pieces, including non-native

antiques and wierd stuff they share with you here.


Western Silversmiths Tooled Buckle

Canoga Park, California

Sterling Silver, 10k gold

2.5" x 1.75"



Antique Driving Gloves, c. 1900

The split finger is for hold horse reins, carriage driving - from eastern South Dakota

sold, thanks!



92 Winchester Carbine

Octogon Barrel, 38-40 Caliber

Good condition with minor scratches on the reciever.


Overlay Ring set with Turquoise

B. Tewa, Hopi

size 7.5

sold, thanks!


Ann's Inuit Mukluks

Purchased in the early 60s while she and Dayton were living in Alaska.  Urine tanned sealskin, dog hide, mink, beadwork, etc. 



Blue Topaz and Opal Pendant in Silver


1.5" length


sold, thanks!



Thanks for your patience - I'll be adding more goodies in the coming days.